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We at UKProjects understand the difficulties of selecting a dissertation topic and conducting the research work to reach the completion of dissertation writing. Our team of finest academic researchers provides you authentic dissertation writing services customized to meet your University guidelines.

Our seasoned writers extend their support to structure, write, edit and proofread your dissertation proposal, complete dissertation or even a particular chapter of dissertation. The best dissertation writing service of UK is here to help you start with research proposal and meet the target of highest grades by completing all the chapters.

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Our writers guarantee the best piece of work while using research methods of your choice and can even help you select the best research approach for your dissertation. Our dissertation-writing experts can structure the dissertation as per your requirements; but a typical dissertation structure is structured as follows :


Chapter 1 : Introduction

Every dissertation starts with a detailed background of the study with aims, objectives and questions guiding the methodology of the research. This is the chapter where rationale and motivation of selecting the dissertation topic is discussed to inform the reader about the reason of undertaking a particular research work and the way you are completing it.


Chapter 2 : Literature Review

A competitive literature review not only presents the current literature on selected areas of study but presenting a critical review of every single study considered to be covered in this heavily references chapter. Our professional services can help you in writing a critical piece of literature review while guiding towards identification of the ‘gap’ in the existing research.


Chapter 3 : Research methodology

The methodology chapter discusses the research plan; it may be the most difficult chapter to work while being critical to achieve a high grade. The chapter discuss as well as justify the selection of a research approach, strategy, philosophy and data collection tool while rejecting others. For instance decision between qualitative and quantitative research is the key to appropriate selection of a data collection tool (structured or semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, etc.).


Chapter 4 : Results and Analysis

This chapter presents the data and collected through primary or secondary approach along with analysing them using some statistical measures like SPSS, STATA or MATLAB. There may be a need to create some graphs and charts to display the data according to the complexity of your work.


Chapter 5 : Conclusion and Recommendations

The final chapter summarizing the details of research, answers to research questions, achievement of research objectives and explaining your learning in completing the dissertation.


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